Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The Past 3 Months....

This picture was taken 2 months ago, 2 months! I am seriously going to be better at taking pictures and posting them. I need to record this little beauties life. She looks so much older now than she does in that picture, it is crazy how much more hair she has! She is now an official crawler as of 2 weeks ago. She is standing up on furniture and getting into everything!! She is such a happy little girl and the greatest joy to have in our home. Everything is funner with Selena!

Back in August my Mom came to visit and we went to a Tim McGraw concert. It was SO fun!

Late in the Summer we discovered Bridal Veil Falls and the Provo River Trail, I don't know how we haven't discovered that little gem before. It is such a beautiful trail and so nice for a little evening activity.

Over Labor Day we were able to make a trip home. We had fun cheering on Kendall at her soccer game, eating at the Mercantile, which is the bomb, and hanging out at home with everyone!

Selena's favorite activity outside of eating is hands down the bathtub! She is smiling from ear to ear while she turns into a prune from being in there so long! I just love that darling face!

Zachary and I were able to attend the Payson Temple Groundbreaking. It was a neat experience despite the rainy weather! We are so grateful that we will soon have a temple that much closer!

Last week Selena and I headed to Gardner Village with some girls in our ward. We had fun looking at all the festive decorations. Selena is dressed up as a little witch, I don't normally dress her like that.

In other news, we recently sold our home and moved to Spanish Fork. We love our new little home and the new ward has been so welcoming. We feel like this is our home and where we should be. I am hoping to keep this thing updated more frequently because heaven knows I stink at journaling! There is just so much sweet stuff in this life of ours not to record it in some way.


Candice said...

I love reading about your sweet little girl and your cute little family! Glad to see a post :)

Rachel said...

Love your new pics. Selena is gorgeous, just like you. I wish we could b around to see her growing up, she has sooo much personality:) but how could she not w/you and Zac for parents?!! We love and miss you all.