Sunday, March 23, 2008

Easter Sunday

This year for Easter we went over to Doug and J'nets for a BBQ and a Easter egg hunt. It was such a perfect day outside, I was in heaven! We got to eat out on the deck and I was wearing short sleeves and wasn't even cold! The kids had an Easter egg hunt and it was so fun to watch them run around and get so excited. We ended the night with some Family home videos- gotta love those Family home videos!
All of the nieces and nephews after the big Easter egg hunt
Baby Noah, Josie, Reid, Hannah, Jailee, Cam, Issac and Andrea

Zachary in the bunny ears with Andrea and Josie

Rachel made cute sugar cookies for the kids to decorate while the "Easter Bunny" came

My sweet husband got me an Easter basket this year, I was feeling so bad because I didn't get him an Easter Basket. All he got was an Easter tie, which he returned. I guess next year I better step it up in the Easter basket department!
I wore black on Easter- is that against the rules?

Easter Eggs

On Friday night Luke and Ali came over to dye Easter eggs and play Ticket to Ride- Love that game! We had lots of fun and lots of laughs!
Of course me and Ali were loving life dyeing the Easter eggs

My husband is such a G

Luke, Ali, and Zachary

For sure Zachary was the most creative with the Easter Egg dyeing, he was coming up with crazy ideas all over the place!

The Big 2-2!

Zachary got me these cupcakes at a little bakery by his work and they were so good!
Last week was my b-day and let's just say birthdays are so much cooler when you're younger, I hate that I am getting older! I am just glad I am not to 25 yet, yikes! The day before my birthday my mother in-law and sister in-laws all came and surprised me and took me out to dinner to Red Robin, I was definitely surprised and it was so fun to go out with them! My actual birthday was quite funny. The week before I won tickets on the radio to Drillbit Taylor, and of course it was showing on my birthday, so we went to that movie, which by the way I thought was hilarious! I love Owen Wilson, so funny! The movie was at the Gateway and of course once I got there I had to do some shopping and by the time Zachary could pull me out of the stores there was no time left for dinner, so I had my birthday dinner at Sbarro Pizza in the food court- total classic! It was definitely a birthday to be remembered!

Family Temple Day

A few weeks ago all of Zachary's Moms side of the family got together to go to the Temple on Grandma Jeans Birthday. We had lunch at Brick Oven, which was so good, it was my first time ever eating there and of course I was loving it! Then we all headed over to the Provo Temple and did a session. It was so fun to have so many members of Zachary's family there in the Temple together. I am so grateful for temples and the work that is performed there, and the knowledge that I have that families are eternal.
My sister-in law Rachel, she looks SO good after just having a baby!

All of the Family at Brick Oven, we had so much fun we can't wait to do it again!

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Our First Home

We had you all tricked thinking I was pregnant, there is no Baby Johnson on the way, but when we do have one we will have somewhere for him to sleep! We bought a new townhouse in Salem and LOVE having a place of our own! We hope you all will come and visit soon!

My favorite room, the Kitchen!

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

The Johnson blog has been rather boring lately, it seems like we have nothing to blog about these days except for one particularly exciting piece of news that we can't wait to share, I need to get some pictures uploaded first though! Last night I was talking to my little brother Collin on the phone and he was asking me if I had done anything really exciting and cool lately like, "go to the Zoo," ( please refer to my sister Kristins blog). Regretfully I had to inform him that I hadn't done anything quite as exciting as visit the Zoo, and he was a little disappointed. Hopefully these next few weeks will prove a little more exciting. We can't wait for SPRING, so we can get outside and have some fun new adventures, and possibly visit the Zoo so I can regain some coolness in my little bros eyes!