Tuesday, May 18, 2010


A few weeks ago Zachary was off to Seattle for a Conference and I decided to tag along, I'm so glad I did. I was a little worried about being able to fill my time while he was at the conference, but I figured if anything I could read a book. I brought two books and didn't even touch one of them! Luckily we were staying downtown for the first part of the trip so I was close to all the shopping a girl could ever wish for! I had a grand time sleeping in, taking my time getting ready, meeting Z for lunch, and shopping the afternoon away!
I LOVE the Pike Place Market, it was so fun just to walk around and see all the action that was going on. We also got to buy a bouquet of those gorgeous flowers to take home for Z's mom for Mothers Day. I couldn't get over how gorgeous they were, and was wishing I would have snagged a bouquet for myself!
First stop after we checked into our Hotel was Ivars fish bar for some fish and chips. It didn't disappoint! Zachary was brave enough to feed the seagulls, but as you can see below I got up enough courage to pretty much hide in the corner and pray to make it out alive...those birds are terrifying!
We took little harbor cruise which was so fun. Surprisingly the weather was gorgeous the entire time we were there! It was a little chilly on the boat, but we were grateful the sun was shining!

Zachary was adamant that if we only do one thing while in Seattle, that one thing would be to attend a Mariners game, so that we did. Unfortunately the Mariners lost 8-0 with their pitcher throwing back to back to back home runs! It was still fun to have a hot dog and some garlic fries while rooting for our team!

We celebrated Zachary's birthday with dinner at the crab pot! We LOVE that place. Of course we had to recreate the picture from our honeymoon almost 3 years ago....and now I am feeling sick because I just went to upload that picture and can't find any of our honeymoon pictures anywhere!! Hope that I can find them...

The Seattle Aquarium, Space Needle, Pacific Science Center, and EMP museum were a few other stops on our lil' vacay. The last few days we got lucky and scored a sweet deal through priceline (which I am a firm believer in) on a room at the Edgewater Hotel. I think that hotel room actually was my favorite part of the trip, you could fish off the balcony if you wanted! We had so much fun, and can't wait until we can get away again!