Tuesday, November 2, 2010

It has been far too long since my last post! You would think I would want to document all that is going on, and I really do WANT to, it's just the doing it part that I can't seem to get... We haven't done anything terribly exciting this fall. I was so anxious for October to get here, and now it has come and gone and we are into November. I am loving my job teaching at the elementary school. I have definitely learned a lot! Zachary is keeping busy with work and of course sports. That man loves to play/watch/think about sports 24/7! We are anxiously anticipating the arrival of our little girl, it feels like January will never come. We are loving experiencing all the new things that come with your first pregnancy, and trying to get everything ready for her to come!
A few weeks ago a guy in our ward let us use his BYU tickets. As luck would have it, that day was pouring rain! A few minutes after we got there the rain cleared and it was actually perfect weather for a few hours. We had fun cheering on BYU and actually seeing them win a game!
Finally finished! A project only a year in the making! I started piecing this quilt together last year, and finally got the desire to finish it off. I love how it turned out, and it is so soft. I can't wait to wrap our lil' babe up in it!

This little gem came together so quickly and was so fun to do because I did it all by myself from start to finish, even the quilting! I am definitely still learning, so I was pretty proud of myself. Thank goodness for these two projects or I think I might have gone crazy during football/baseball season!

And last but not least, a shot of me and my pregnant belly at 28 weeks. I have been horrible about taking pictures to document my growth, but every time I do take one and compare it to the previous time I can't believe how much I have grown! It is a little scary for me to think that I will be getting even bigger!