Sunday, August 12, 2007

Our Wedding Day

We got married on July 21st, and I am just getting around to posting some photos! We have been so busy with the wedding, honeymoon, Oregon Coast trip (pictures to come), moving to Utah and getting settled in here! It seems we have been going non-stop for the past month, it was so nice to have a free weekend! Most of you were able to come to the wedding, but I thought I would still post some pictures for you to see. We had such a great time, we couldn't have asked for a more perfect day!
My parents and me and Zachary

The Johnson's ( Don't they all look great!)

My Family ( They all look pretty good too!)

My Bridesmaids; Carmen, Nataley, Kylee, and Kristin

My mom and the kids

Coming out of the Temple

I love this picture of us, I think it shows everything we were feeling at that moment, COMPLETE HAPPINESS!

My two Bridesmaids and Best Friends, they really are too cute!

I love this photo, minus the HUGE house in the corner, hopefully I can edit that out!

Pre-Wedding BBQ

The night before the wedding we had a BBQ at my house with all of our family and friends. It was so fun to have everyone together! We had such an amazing weekend, and are so grateful for all of you that were there so share it with us!

Johanna and J'net
Reid, Jamie, Ryan and Zachary

Halle, Heidi, Mikell, and Kristin
Me and mytwo bridesmaids Kylee and Nataley

Zacharys Graduation!!

Zachary graduated on July 18, and we're so happy that he's done!! He graduated with a Bachelors in Construction Management, and has now started to work for Project Control in Salt Lake. He is loving his job so far, so hopefully everything keeps going well for him! Zachary's parents and Johanna and Josie were able to make it up for Zachary's graduation, it was so fun to have them come to Rexburg and see where we had been living the past three years.
I missed getting a picture of Zachary while he was walking, so I decided I would walk up and get one of him sitting, and of course he was sitting very front row! The things we'll do for a picture!
Zachary's parents( Doug and J'net) and Johanna and Josie