Monday, October 26, 2009


It seems that I have been horrible at taking pictures lately! I am always forgetting my camera at home. Once in a while I'll snap a picture on the cell phone, but do you think I am smart enough to get them off my phone?! Things at the Johnson home have been busy as usual. We (as in Zachary) are loving football season and the constant stream of games to watch. I start my field experience next week teaching in the classroom for the month of November where I will be doing my student teaching in January. I am excited, and also very nervous. I always felt like the day of student teaching would never come and now it is just around the corner. I am most excited about doing read-alouds with the students, can't wait!
A few weekends ago we went to the Salem Hills High School football game with our awesome friends the Hunters. It was so cold, but so fun. Jody and I were tempted to stay for the post game dance party, but the husbands dragged us back home to roll some dice. I will forever be indebted to Bronco and Jody for teaching us the best dice games known to man. Hours and hours of fun!

Last weekend we got to watch Josie and Bella while their parents went on vacation to Seattle (I was totally jealous by the way!) We had such a fun fun time with our sweet little nieces though. We rode horses, had a BBQ, and went to the indoor water park, which by the way is totally awesome!

Isn't the cutest picture ever?!?!

Even though we had a total blast with the girls, I am not going to lie that it wasn't a total eye opener for us! Kids are way more work than I thought, and it's not like I haven't been around kids or people with kids a lot?! Sunday morning was the hardest, I felt like I was running around like a crazy woman all morning. Our church doesn't start until 11, and we still walked in a few minutes late. Even though I was dead tired by the time Sunday night rolled around I loved every minute of it, and would do it over again every weekend in a heartbeat!

Friday, October 9, 2009

Rise and Shout...

...the Cougars are out!

I have become quite the BYU fan being married to the Z man and living in Utah. Last week our friends Bronco and Jody (thanks guys!) gave us so some sweet tickets to the BYU game. Despite the cold weather we bundled up (I seriously looked like a marshmallow!) and had a great time cheering on the Cougars! Hopefully we can make it to another game this year. Don't even worry that a Di Luigi jersey is on my Christmas wish list this year ;)

We had such a great weekend just relaxing at home and watching conference. I was sewing up a storm all weekend long while I listened. My friend Portia and I had a sewing party while the boys were at Priesthood, and we had so much fun! We definitely need to do it again. School continues to be busy but I love it. I am so excited for my student teaching and it couldn't get here fast enough! We are SO excited for the upcoming holidays, I have been finding myself ready to bust out the Christmas music already! This week I am going to attempt to can some apples thanks to my wonderful Grandpa who brought some up from WA. It should be an adventure!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

St. George Getaway

(They asked me and Jo to step in for some footloose actors who were out sick, we look good!)
A few weekends ago we went with some of the Johnsons down to St. George. Thank you SO much to Ryan and Jamie for giving us a place to stay, it was wonderful! It was such a fun trip and I loved every minute of it. We rolled lots of dice, ate some good food, watched the BYU game, basked in the hot weather, and went to this awesome park that made me totally sick!

The girls plus Doug went to see Aida at the Tuacahn. I love that place, don't know why I've never been before. What a beautiful backdrop! Aida was so good, I loved the music and the story and the actors were great. I can't wait to go again next summer!

Saturday was spent shopping for the girls, golfing for the boys, and swimming for everyone! The pool was freezing cold, but it was so nice to dip in and then lay out in the sun. So sad summer is gone Christmas here yet?!

Love these little girlies, so fun to hang out with the nieces and nephews for a few days!