Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Easter Weekend in Washington

Easter Egg Fun

It was so fun to be home over Easter weekend and spend the holiday with my family. We spent the weekend watching movies, playing games, and eating entirley too much! Zac and Collin and my Dad got the chance to play some golf on Friday while my Mom and the girls did some shopping! Saturday night we dyed Easter eggs! Zasc was loving his life- who knew he would love dying easter eggs so much! He made some beautiful "creations!" On sunday morning we had an Easter egg hunt outside and of course Zac and I participated with all the kids, we might as well live it up until we get married! At church we had to teach the lesson to the 10-11 year olds and it was quite the experience! I think kids that age are getting smarter, but it was a fun experience for Zac and I to teach together. On Sunday afternoon we went over to my Grandpas and had dinner with all of the family, it was fun to play and spend time with everyone.
A little grocery cart fun with Collin and Kedall!