Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Viva Las Vegas

This past weekend we headed down South for a little weekend getaway. Zachary's brother has a vacation home in St. George and was so nice he let us use it for the weekend. On Saturday we headed to Las Vegas to spend the day there and had so much fun! I had never been to Las Vegas before so there was definitely a lot to do and see, I don't know that I could have handled much more than a day there though, a lot of it is pretty disgusto! We walked around and saw the different things there are to see, saw a show, and of course ate at a buffet, which was delish! All in all it was just nice to get away for a weekend together and enjoy some warm weather!
Zachary has a small obsession with these "Claw" games. Ever since we have been married, whenever he sees one anywhere he has to play, and he has NEVER WON! He always insisted that he used to win them all the time, I'm still not so sure about that statement, but this weekend he redeemed himself and his luck returned. Sad to say his luck only returned for that brief moment that night in Las Vegas!

We went to a show called "Stomp Out Loud." It is where they use all different things like brooms, trashcans, keys, and their hands and feet to make music. It was pretty cool, but maybe lasted just a little too long!

This was one of my favorite things, the fountains at the Bellagio. They were synchronized to the country song "This Kiss" and it just made me so happy to watch them!

We thought these gardens were pretty cool, it is amazing what they can do with flowers!

Tuesday, January 15, 2008


While we were in Washington over the Christmas Break we got to go snowboarding with my family and it was so fun! Well kinda, I am not so much a lover of winter sports but it was definitely fun to be there with everyone and watching the kids learning! They got so good! For sure I switched to skis halfway through the day because I just couldn't handle the snowboarding and being on my bum for the rest of the day! Hopefully Zachary will be able to take me up for a few half days here is Utah and I can get a little better at the snowboarding!

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Christmas Morning

My Dad has this very annoying trait on Christmas morning, that I seem to have inherited. My dad insists on recording or taking a picture of every single gift opening! We are always yelling at him to get the camera out of our faces, and this year it was me who had the camera in everyones face! So I'd thought I'd better at least share them.......
This was the last gift we opened and my favorite one! My parents gave us a painting by Greg Olsen of the Sacred Grove, it is soo beautiful!

Kristin and Dave, trying to hold back their excitement of being up so early.

Carmen and Kendall opening gifts.

Don't worry Collin got this sweet Gangsta' jacket from my Grandpa Rodriguez who has a matching one for himself, doesn't he look tough?!

Of course we wear matching jumpsuits Christmas Morning.

Christmas Eve

Our Christmas Eve this year was just the same as it has always been. We got up early that morning to head to town and finish up our last minute Christmas shopping! It seems like no matter how much I think I have got done before that day there is always one last little thing I have to pick up. That afternoon we came home and had our annual Christmas Eve dinner of Crab and Prime Rib- Yum! It was so fun to have EVERYONE home and sit around the dinner table together, it happens so rarely these days. After dinner we opened our brother-sister gifts, and then watched "The Muppet Christmas Carol"! Love that show, and it is always a tradition in our family to watch that on Christmas Eve. Too bad everyone fell asleep this year during the movie, thanks guys for letting me sing all the songs SOLO! We always try to get to bed late so the kids will sleep in the next morning, surprisingly our little plan worked well this year!

Everyone around the table for the dinnner!