Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Lava Hot Springs Fun

This past weekend Zachary and I went to Lava Hot springs. It was fun, and definitley an adventure! It is this little Hot Springs facility that has different pools varying in temperatures ( hot to cooler...etc.) It was so warm out though we could barely stand being in the hot water! It was better as it cooled off into the evening. After the Hot Springs we ate dinner at this place called "The Chuckwagon Restaurant." It was this little tiny restaurant decorated with wagon wheels everywhere, the food was definitley some "homestlye cookin'" and it was really good! I think my favorite part of the whole night was the restaurant's glasses. They had litttle glass cups that were in the shape of a boot. They were pretty cute. So if for any reason you are up at Lava Hot Springs ( why you would be there I don't know), I would definitley suggest the "Chuckwagon Restaurant" for some fine country dining!
Zachary and I at the Chuckwagon
I look a little crazy in this photo.....I was trying to convey my excitement about the glass boots!

A close-up

Monday, May 7, 2007

Zachary's 26th ( dang he's old!) Birthday BBQ

Last night we had a BBQ for Zachary's birthday. He turned 26 years old, and claims that all wisdom was gained with his new age, I guess we will have to see.....As Zachary's birthday was coming up it was a great time for me to reflect and focus my attention solely on him, and the reasons why I am so grateful to have in my life. Everytime I think about marrying Zachary I am absoloutley beside myself and feel so blessed to spend the rest of my life with him. Not only do we get the opportunity to spend the rest of our lives here on this earth together, but for eternity, which is well, Amazing. For those of you that know Zachary and myself both on a personal level you would know that we are quite an unlikely match. I am, I guess you could say uptight....? Zachary is probably my exact opposite, he is so laid back and ....easy. He couldn't be more perfect for me, he really is like my second half. Without him I think I would go crazy! Zachary always knows exactly what I need to make me feel good about life, and bring me back to what is really important. I can only imagine what happiness married life will bring me!! It was so fun to have all of our friends over to celebrate Zachary's birthday, it is those times that make me sad to leave Rexburg. I do have to admit I won't miss the weather, on Saturday we got up early to go to the Temple and it was SNOWING outside!!! Anytime it snows in May I think there is something seriously wrong! There are so many good friends that we have made here in Rexburg, it will be sad to leave this part of our life behind....... I think we will be coming back to visit every once in while( I hope!)
Zachary and I eating our deliecious meal, we had Hamburgers and Hot Dogs and BBQ Chicken, Potato Salad, and Italian Pasta Salad( which was amazing, thanks Nat!)
My Best Friend Nataley and Zachary's roommate Tanner

Zachary and a few of his Football Buddies

Zachary and I with his birthday cake. I am not trying to brag(well maybe just a little.....) but I was delightfully pleased with the way his cake turned out!

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Spending time with the Johnson's

Isaac & Hannah are Ryan and Jamies. Most of the time we stay at their house so it has been fun to get to know them over the past year! Zachary and I love to play with them and their little brother Reid when we're down in Utah.

Josie is Neil and Johanna's daughter, she is so cute and VERY active, I just love when I get to play with her!
Zachary had a game in Utah this weekend, and a lot of his family was able to come and watch him play! It was fun to have someone to sit and talk with. The weather in Utah was BEAUTIFUL which made it so enjoyable to sit out and watch the game. I attempted to do some wedding dress shopping this weekend, but didn't have much luck! I just wish I could find exactly what I wanted....it is not proving to be an easy task though! Hopefully I am able to find one soon because the wedding is only getting closer! I posted some cute pictures of Zachary's neices and nephews, they are so fun to play with, I can't wait until we are living in Utah and can hang out with them all the time.