Wednesday, June 25, 2008

San Francisco Vaca

Last weekend I headed down to San Francisco to spend a little time with the Fam visiting Kristin and David. We always have so much fun when we're together, and last week was no exception! Thanks Kristin and Dave for showing us all such a great time!
We rode the Ferry from Oakland over to San Francisco, and it was so beautiful. The weather was phenomenal, and it was such a pretty day!

The first day I was there we headed out to a place called Muir Woods. It is a piece of the Redwood Forest, I think, that has been preserved. It was so pretty and peaceful walking around looking at all of those amazing trees! We saw some baby deeres with their mamas, they were so cute!

A cute pic of "the kids" at Muir woods, we're still working on Collins smile ;)

While we were there our family friends, the Bosch's, just happened to be in town so we spent a day in San Francisco with them seeing the sights! This was my first time riding the Trolley and let me just tell you I loved it! Definitely one of the highlights of my trip! We rode the trolley down to Fisherman's Wharf, over to China Town, and out to the Golden Gate Bridge, it was a long and HOT day, but we had lots of fun and lots of laughs!

The Fam minus Mom and Dad at the Golden Gate Bridge

The last day we were there we headed out to Santa Cruz to spend a day at the beach. I didn't even pack a swimsuit on this trip because there was no way in heck I was going to get into that freezing cold ocean water! We had such great weather though, and luckily Kristin had an extra suit I could borrow because we were playing in that ocean water all day long! ( Minus the freak lightning storm that rolled through and made me seriously believe I was going to die!)

Now I must add I would have probably never gotten into that water without a wet suit, so THANK YOU THANK YOU Kristin and David for bringing along the wetsuits! We had such a great time boogie boarding to our hearts content!

Saturday, June 14, 2008

92 Years!!

We celebrated Grandpa Reed's birthday with all of the Hughes, and had such a great time! Grandpa Reed turned 92 this year! Probably the best part of the night is when 10 yr old Brigham said the prayer to bless the food, he was grateful that Grandpa Reed survived, and is still alive and let me tell you we are so grateful that Grandpa Reed is still here with us. What a great family he started, we can always count on good times with the Hughes'!
Zachary and Grandpa Reed

Baby Noah, love this little guy- he is SO sweet!

Getting ready to blow out the candles, of course he had a cowboy horse, it was so cute!

The Manti Pageant

Last night we went with some of our friends the Olsens to the Manti Pageant. This was my first time going, and it was a little different than what I expected but a lot of fun. That Manti Temple is so gorgeous, probably my favorite part of the pageant was being able to look up at that beautiful temple that was set up on a hill, it was seriously so pretty! The mosquitos were out in full force which kind of took me by surprise so we walked to the local gas station to buy some mosquito repellent, got on the waiting list, yes there was a waiting list for it, and then ended up paying $8 for it! Seriously. No mosquito bites today though, so I guess it was worth it. All in all it was a great time, and I definitely recommend the pageant to anyone that lives close enough to check it out.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Weekend Fun

Last Friday after work we jumped in the car and headed for Lagoon! I was so excited and had been looking forward to it all week, I love amusement parks! They have some great Roller Coasters there, my favorite was one called Wicked, it was out of control! Zachary lost his glasses on it- total bummer! We found them later, but they were all cracked and broken.....After Lagoon we were on our way to Ogden to stay the night and then onto Rexburg in the morning for Zachary's football game! It was so fun to spend some time in Rexburg, I skipped out on Zachary's game since it was stormy, and spent some quality time with Nat and Trish! I'm sad I didn't get any pics, but we had a great time eating, laughing, cruising the Ridge for old times sake, and they took me to this new Cupcake place in Rexburg which is absolutely divine! A must try! After the game on we headed back to Utah, we didn't get home until about 2:30, and we were dead tired the next day for Church. After Church we watched Josie and Andrea for a few hours and had SO much fun! Those girls are so darling, and we love when we get to spend some extra one on one time with them! After the babysitting we went home and took a LONG nap! We were both so tired! I woke to my husband telling me to come downstairs and have dinner, and he had it all ready and the table set, he is amazing! We had a long and busy weekend, but so much fun, we can't wait to see what next weekend will bring!

We always have SO much fun on our little road trips, well at least I do! Zachary is my captive audience for 4 whole hours!

Of course I love the bumper cars. Lagoon was SO fun, I can't wait to go back this summer and try out the water park!

LOVE these two little girls! They were definitely a handful but we had so much fun chasing them around, doing their hair, jumping on the tramp, and going for a little walk!

(Sorry for the bad picture quality- I was always forgetting my camera everywhere I went, so these were taken on Zacharys phone)