Saturday, March 31, 2007

Lazy Weekend

This weekend has been nice and lazy! We are both finishing up the semester and were relieved to have a weekend filled with nothingness!
We love watching 24 and have had opportunity all weekend to get a few episodes in. Zachary plays for a padded football team here in Rexburg called the Madison Lions, and had a pre-season game today. It was a beautiful day out and fun to go watch Zachary do his thing on the football field. He plays reciever and really loves it, watching him play has converted me to football(just watching of course)!

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

8 Seconds

This past weekend we made a trip down to Salem to visit Zachary's family. It was a lot of fun and nice to finally be in some warm weather! On saturday we went on a horseback ride and had quite an adventure! We were riding when out of nowhere some dogs came running down the canyon. Zachary was in front and his horse got spooked and started going crazy. Zachary stayed on for his 8 seconds like a true cowboy and then decided to jump off. After he jumped off his horse, it took off down the mountain, and of course my horse followed! The horses were running full speed down the mountain with me on! I think I am more of a cowboy/girl than Zachary because I somehow managed to stay on the whole time! It was quite the ordeal for me as you can imagine! Zachary came running down the mountain and found me and my horse, but his was nowhere to be found! We ended up searching for her for 4 hours before we finally found her! It made for a long day, but we were grateful to have found the horse! This picture below is of Zachary after we found the horse!

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Rexburg Temple

This is the Rexburg Temple that is under Construction. It should be done this Fall. It has been fun to watch the progress it has made over the year, I wish Kari and I would be around to see the final results.

Kari's 21st Birthday!

For my birthday from my family I was excited to have recieved alot of cake decorating supplies. I made a birthday cake for myself to try them out, and this was the finished product! I sure hope they get better!

Last night for my birthday Zachary took me to the Dodge National Finals Rodeo in Pocatello. Zachary was feeling pretty good about life wearing that cowboy hat around all night, I think that was the only reason he wanted to go. We had alot of fun though and got excited to take his parents horses for a ride sometime soon!

Saturday, March 17, 2007


I just wanted to add something to our blog. Sometimes we take pictures in the car and I try to act cool.

Friday, March 16, 2007

The Engagement

This picture was taken right after Zac proposed. We were on a small bridge in Idaho falls, that had candles lit and music playing ( thanks for your help Nat and Tru!) It was definitley a night we will never forget!

This is a picture of us in Alabama visiting his parents. We are excited about trying the blog thing, and hopefully being able to keep in touch a little better. Keep watching for more posts, and we hope to see you guys create blogs of your own! Can't wait to see them!