Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Spring Break!

My Mom and the kids were able to come down and spend their Spring Break week with us and we are so glad they did, even if it did snow/rain the entire time they were here (We got a foot of snow on their first night here)! We were able to go to the Sunday morning session of General Conference. Such a neat experience. I must be growing up because I love Conference more and more each time!

Although Conference was great, the morning started out a little hectic! We woke up with no power! Trying to get ready at 6 in the morning in the dark is a little tricky. We got creative with the lantern, but I am pretty sure that it's not really safe for indoor use, not our smartest move!

The kids loved having Selena all to themselves for the whole week. She definitely doesn't mind all the attention!

We saw a movie almost every night, you might as well when they are only $1.50! My favorite by far was Tangled, such a cute show! Plus, everything is cooler in 3D.

Our little Family. Sometimes I still can't believe I have a FAMILY, I am a MOM! Love it, and wouldn't change it for the world.

Did a little bowling at the BYU bowling Alley. Kristin apparently is professional bowler status, she blew everyone out of the water.

We love love love having everyone here, just wish we could always be together!

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Birthday Trip

We took this little darling to visit WA for the first time over my Birthday last month- the perfect Birthday present! We had so much fun showing her off to everyone!

We went out for my Birthday to Bob's Burgers- they have bomb onion rings! I was so glad we could make it to WA and Selena could meet her Great-Grandparents and all of our friends. She was so so good on the drive, I swear she spoils us.