Thursday, February 17, 2011

A Family Visit

I was so so so grateful to have my Mom come and stay with us after Selena was born, I don't know how we would have survived without her! From cooking meals, changing diapers, getting up with Selena in the middle of the night, and just plain keeping me company, she was amazing!
My Dad and the kids were able to come and stay for the weekend the week after she was born. I really don't think a moment went by that Selena wasn't being held for those 4 days! She is one loved little girl!

Her first bath. Makes me sad to look at her little mad face! I am sorry to say that she still feels pretty much the same way about getting baths!

We LOVE cuddling and loving on our little girl. The only nice thing about my family leaving was we actually got to hold Selena! It was so hard to see my family go, but luckily we have lots of trips planned to see each other and thank goodness for Skype!

Thursday, February 10, 2011


Our little baby is finally here, and we couldn't be loving life more. We went in on Wednesday, January 26th for a non-stress test. My Dr. had told me the day before there was a 50% chance they would keep me and induce me based on the results of the test. At that point I started freaking out a little bit and went out and got all of the little last minute things we still needed. So we woke up on Wednesday morning and went to the hospital not really knowing what to expect.

One last picture before we left for the hospital. It is so nice not to have that big belly in the way anymore!

So based on the results from the non-stress test my fluid levels were really high and they decided to induce me. They started me on the pitocin about 10:30 AM, and finally at 3 AM Thursday morning I was ready to push. I pushed for 7 minutes and out she came! I couldn't believe she was finally here, best day ever!

All ready to go home!
Life has been different, but wonderful. We are so in love with Selena, and are so grateful to have her!