Monday, October 31, 2011


We had a great little date night with Texas Roadhouse and Jason Aldean. Can't go wrong with that combo! We love love loved the concert, and had a wonderful evening out alone! We did miss our little baby, but we are so grateful that Zachary's parents are willing to watch her for us.

Our weekly skyping sessions with my family keep me laughing all week long, I cannot wait for the Holidays when we can all be together for real!

Selena had her first experience carving pumpkins, she obviously wasn't too interested, but of course we had to get a picture.

Selena got her very first package in the mail from the Rodriguez's!

She loved all her new goodies!

We took Selena to the Lehi pool where she had the time of her life! I love that she is a water baby, she could splash and kick all day long in the pool. I am hoping next summer she still loves it.

Happy Halloween! Our little Witch made everything about this Holiday so much more fun. I am super excited for next year when we get to take her trick or treating!


Nataley said...

she is too cute!!!!

Britt said...

So fun to see a post!! Thanks for posting. I am happy you are doing so well! Hope to see you soon!