Tuesday, December 20, 2011


We went home for Thanksgiving and finally made it up to Leavenworth! Such a fun place!

The whole crew at lunch

Travelling in style, funniest thing ever.

Selena's first Thanksgiving, and she loved it! We feel so blessed to be at home with our Family!

Her first pony! Such a big girl! Selena is also sporting her first black eye! She got it from hitting her eye on the corner of the entertainment center, so sad!

Hanging out with Uncle Dave

It seems like time just keeps speeding up. We had such a wonderful time at home at Thanksgiving and were so grateful everyone could be there! We of course shopped all night and day on Black Friday and got some great deals. We are loving this Holiday Season and being able to experience all of Selena's firsts. She is growing so fast! She will be turning one in January, I can hardly believe it! We are looking forward to celebrating Christmas in WA!