Tuesday, July 10, 2007


We watched the fireworks show in Idaho Falls along the River. We had such a great time, it was a great way to celebrate the fourth of July!
We took like a million shots of each other trying to get a good picture of the fireworks going off behind us, this is the best one we got!

It was just Zachary and I at the fireworks this year which I thought would be a little lonely, but I loved it! It was an absolute perfect night! The weather was great we just found a spot and watched people walk around, ate yummy food, and pretty much just loved being with each other! I can't wait until we get married, we only have 11 days to go!
At the fireworks this year in Idaho Falls they had all these vendors selling food. It was basically a miniature "fair." We had Hand-dipped corndogs ( my FAVORITE, sick I know), funnel cakes, and fries! I think we definitely got our fill of calories!

Good shot of Zachary

Mission Homecoming

Zachary's parents returned last week after serving for three years as the Mission Presidents of the Alabama, Birmingham Mission. They got home on Tuesday, so Zachary and I drove down to Utah and met everyone at the airport. It was so fun to have all of his family together. We spent the night at his parents, and the next morning everyone met at his parents and had breakfast together! It was great to have his parents back, we definitely look forward to spending more time with them once we are down in Utah!
Zachary and his mom Jeanette

Ryan and Jamie's daughter Andrea. She is so darling, and Jamie always has the cutest her dressed in the cutest outfits and the funnest bows in her hair!

Zachary and I at the Airport waiting for his parents

The kids made this cute sign to be holding when their Grandparents got off the plane.