Sunday, February 22, 2009


Valentines Day this year was awesome. Zachary and I spent the whole day together having fun! Trafalga was one of our stops, and it was the bomb. I never knew how much I would love that place! Our favorite was the XD theatre, that was 3D and the chairs moved around with the movie, we loved it.

Next stop was MONSTER JAM! It was the greatest, and let me say there was no shortage of romance, I mean Monster Jam, come on, it is definitely Valentines Day material.

And, of course, no Valentines Day date is complete without a souvenir Monster Jam T-shirt with "grave-digger" on the front. Zachary REALLY loves me!

Friday, February 13, 2009

Wishing you an early Happy Valentines Day. I hope it is lovely!
Zachary and I have been crazy busy as of late. School is taking up more time than ever for me, but I am loving all the new stuff I am learning. I can't wait to be in the classroom in a few weeks and actually put my "skills" to the test! It seems like we are constantly counting down the days until the weekend, and the weeks are just flying by! Before we know it summer will be here, Hallelujah!