Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Zachary's Birthday!

For Zachary's birthday we planned a day where he loves it most, in the mountains!  We love that we have the line shack only an hour away and we can get there quickly for some fun times!  Selena loves to read books in the car, so studious!  And for the record, she also likes to watch a show or two :)

There is a little golf course and driving range at the bottom of the Mountain, so we stopped to hit a bucket of  balls.  It was a little cold, but Selena loved chasing the golf balls around.

We took up the 4-wheeler and cruised around for a little bit, roasted hot dogs for lunch, and watched a movie while Selena tried to take a nap.  It was such a fun day to just be alone as a family!

Selena thinks she is so awesome when she can get the sunglasses to stay on her face or on top of her head.  She is so cool.

Zachary got an electric toothbrush and a boccie ball set for his birthday.  All the necessities!

Zachary's actual birthday was on a Sunday so we had his parents over for a steak dinner with Cheesecake for dessert.  All of his favorites!  We are so grateful for Zachary and love when we get to spoil him!


Kendall and my Mom were able to come down to Utah for their Spring Break. Kendall of course wanted to  go for a ride, so we fit that in one of the days.

We spent some time at Selena's favorite place, the Park!

She was so proud of herself when she figured out how to climb the stairs and go down the slide all by herself!  We think she is so smart! :)

We were lucky to be able to go back to WA with my Mom and Kendall and spend Easter there!  Selena didn't really love finding the eggs, but she was very interested in what was in her basket.  She even started stealing from Collin and Kendall's baskets!

Family Pic - Easter Morning

One thing is for sure, Selena has no shortage of entertainment when we are home!  Motorcycle rides with Uncle Collin!

Jumping with Aunt Kendi

Bike Rides on her new seat 

Picking out Pigs for Collin and Kendall

Petting Baby Lambs

Once we go back home after a visit I always think Selena gets a little bored.  We let her try and feed herself.   She is not that great, but getting better! I need to just give in and let her do it all the time, but unfortunately the flooring in our dining room is carpet, so I just really don't want to clean up the mess!

Zachary played in a tournament in St.George.  We went with some friends and had fun cheering on the Softball team, swimming in the pool, and eating yummy food!  Selena LOVES the water!!!

Monday, May 28, 2012


We loved when it started warming up and we could spend more time outside!! Selena loves going to the park I think more than anything.  She could swing for days if I would let her!

Much to my Mom's dismay, Selena loves to play the drums at home.  We are hoping she is a budding Justin Beiber :)

We went home at the end of March because my Grandpa passed away.  It was so hard to say goodbye to such an amazing man, but it was so awesome to see all of his posterity come together and celebrate and remember him for the great man that he was.  It still seems a bit surreal that he is gone, but I am so grateful we have so many great memories with him!  

One happy thing about coming home for the funeral was being able to see all of our family.  Amazingly enough, every single one of the Gibbons grandkids were able to make it to the funeral.  We had a lot of fun remembering fun memories of Grandpa and catching up on each others lives.  The picture above is Selena and her 2nd cousin from Virgina, they had lots of fun together!

Smiley Girl!

Most of the family went to DQ for a little ice cream after the viewing, we kind of took over the place!

Selena loves spending time with Mimzy and Papa!


We had a fun Valentines Day this year with little Selena!  She got a package from Mimzy and Papa Rodriguez.  She loves dancing to her singing elephant!

We had a fun family dinner at home!

We took a little road trip down to Las Vegas for a long weekend I had!  Cafe Rio stop on our way through St. George.

We stayed at Loew's Lake Las Vegas and we LOVED it there.  Such a fun family place, and it was gorgeous!

We are awesome parents and take our child down to the strip! She loved the water show at the Bellagio, and I loved the shopping!

Thanks to my awesome sister in-law, Zachary I and were able to take a little weekend getaway up to the Line Shack.  It was such a perfect little trip.  It was so peaceful up at the line shack and we loved snowmobiling around and exploring!

Such a beautiful view!