Tuesday, July 26, 2011

July re-cap

This little sweetie is now eating Rice Cereal everyday, and will be 6 months tomorrow! She loves to chew on anything she can get her hands on, and is rolling like a crazy woman. Her little personality is really starting to come out, and we love discovering what she is all about.

We bought a boat at the beginning of the summer, nothing fancy, but it floats! We love going for evening cruises as long as we get out of there before the bugs attack!

4th of July - We saw the fireworks, went to the Freedom Festival and went shopping. My kind of holiday.

We took Selena on her first camping trip and hike up Diamond Fork to the hotpots. We saw quite a few snakes,and wished we had more water. Our little Selena is quite the outdoorsman though, she loved it!

Zachary whisked me away to Lake Powell for a weekend of heaven for our 4 year anniversary. It was seriously the best trip I have ever been on. Can't wait to go back next year!

No summer is complete without the Fiesta Days Rodeo. Love it every year, but we did miss the "Wild Child" this year.

Do you feel like we are camping all the time? I do! We had a little campout with friends up Spanish Fork Canyon. Check out Zachary's blazing fire. He was pretty proud.

Took a little Sunday hike up the Grotto Trail. I love Summer, there is always something to go do or explore. Why can't it be July all year?!

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Annie and Jonny said...

Wow... you must be so buff from carrying your baby. I can't carry my baby in his carrier for five minutes without my back hurting. You inspire me! You guys have the cutest fam!