Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Sweet Summertime!

We had a crazy busy summer, and I feel like we were away from home more than we were at home!  We LOVE spending time in WA.  Selena loves all the attention she gets, and all the room she has to run and play outside!  For some unknown reason, my family has this drum set.  No one plays them, except Selena.  She is getting pretty good.  I have high hopes she will be a musical prodigy :)

We got to go home for Collin's 8th grade graduation, all of the "kids" are growing up so fast!

Zachary's favorite part of going to WA is he always gets to get a little golfing in with my Dad.  This time I was lucky enough to tag along.  I am a little slow compared to the boys, so I am not sure if I will be invited back!

Selena gets SO spoiled while we are home.  Sipping on her very own chocolate milkshake, courtesy of Grandpa.  She had lots of energy after that!

Selena is growing so so fast.  Some days I just can't believe the things that she says or does.  She is seriously the coolest kid I know.  She loves to wear her shades wherever she goes!  She is almost 20 months now, and it is hard to believe I will have a 2 year old in a few months.  She is saying so many new words everyday.  Her favorite phrase right now is, "no", "please", and "help me!"  She loves her baby, and is so cute with it.  She will lay her baby down for naps, give her kisses, share her food with her, and play patty cakes!

Spanish Fork Splash Pad, it was impossible to get a pic of her looking at the camera!

We loved having a Seven Peaks Pass this summer.  Selena was so brave and loved going down the tube slide with her Mama!  I think we have a daredevil on our hands!

With Selena becoming more independent we have had more messes around the house!  She was trying to help herself to a little snack one day and spilled an entire bag of cereal on the floor.  No worries, she just ate them off the floor!

Brittani and Andrea came to visit and we had so much fun together!  I love having these girls around, it just feels like home.  We shopped, ate, talked, laughed, and stayed up way too late!

Selena thinks these shopping carts are the and thinks the store is so fun when she gets to ride in them!  It was a little bit sad when it's time to go tho, she has a hard time giving up the cool cart!

We celebrated our 5 year anniversary this year!  We are getting so old.  We are so blessed to have each other and we love being able to experience all that life throws our way together!  We celebrated at the Fiesta Days Rodeo with Zachary's family.  

Selena needs to get her own frequent flyer card after this summer.  She has been quite the little jet-setter.  We are dreading the day she turns 2 and we have to start buying her a seat.  I am so lucky, because she is just the best little flyer.  We have yet to have a single meltdown or tantrum on a plane.  I am keeping my fingers crossed, the good luck continues!

Playing on the swings in WA, having a crazy hair day!  Selena thinks it is so awesome that she gets to wake up and go directly outside to play, she is in heaven while we are there!

Carmen and Allen took us to the Portland Zoo (they are members!) Selena loved seeing all the animals, especially the monkeys!

Playing with her cousins!

Just being one of the big girls!

We have been spending some time down in Las Vegas with Zachary while he works down there, and I am not quite sure what it is, but whenever we are there Selena is a crazy woman!  Maybe it's because we let her have crackers and a banana for breakfast on the couch while she watches cartoons...

We made it home for the fair this year, and loved watching the kids show their pigs!  We also got our fill of greasy food, concerts, rodeos, and animals!  Selena loved all the animals, and all the different people she could watch.  Surprisingly enough what she really loved was chasing around Collin and all his boy friends whenever they were around!  She always had her eye on them!

Big and Rich concert!

Poor girl had to get FIVE shots at her 18 month appt.  It was so sad to watch, but she was super tough and was done crying as soon as she saw she got a sucker!  She was staying as far away form that Nurse as possible though!

Selena in her BYU blue!  She loves watching football with her Dad, and doesn't ever seem to get bored of it.  She constantly cheers while the players are in action and randomly shouts, "touchdown!"

We went to a Dodgers game and she was really digging these big guys on the wall!

Cruising in her car at Grandma and Grandpa's in WA!

Selena and I like to go on a little lunch dates while Zac is out of town, which usually means chicken nuggets.  She doesn't love nuggets as much as she loves fries though!  Whenever we go out to eat with the family (which is usually not fast food, so therefore, no fries) she is always asking for the fries and wants to know where they are at.  Silly Girl!

Down in Las Vegas, she had her shades on at the pool, and didn't want to take them off when we went home to take a bath!

While at the Portland Zoo, Grandma got Selena a little monkey purse and it is the cutest thing ever!  Selena thinks she is pretty important packing it around!

Our last hurrah of the Summer.  We took our bikes down to Long Beach.  It was so fun!  We just cruised around on our bikes and played on the beach.  Selena totally loves the water and has no fear.  The only thing she didn't like was the taste of salt water when she got it in her mouth.  She would try and wipe away the taste with her hand!  

I just love my little family so much.  Sometimes I get a little nervous thinking about adding one more.  Things are just so perfect right now, but I know that once that baby gets here we won't be able to imagine being just a family of 3.  A family of 4, sounds so...big!  We are excited to find out on Friday what we are having.  Zachary and I both think it's a boy, so we will see if our intuition is correct!

Monday, September 17, 2012


Hogle Zoo

Time to play catch up!  I am having trouble adjusting to taking pictures on my phone vs. taking pictures on my camera,  My phone is so much more convenient, because I ALWAYS have it, but it is so much harder for me to get the pics on the computer for whatever reason.  So here is a May re-cap :)

We had so much fun riding bikes in WA, we came home and bought Selena a seat and a helmet.  She loves going on bike rides, and always asks to go when we are outside!

We made a little weekend trip down to LA and went to a Dodgers game.  With Zac working in Las Vegas it has been fun to make quick trips down to CA!

While in CA we went whale watching! It was SO much fun.  We didn't see any whales, but we did see lots of dolphins, and it was a beautiful day for a boat ride!

We loved playing on the beach!

 Selena got to go on her first horse ride, and let me just say she is a cowgirl at heart!  She was shouting "Yee-haw!" the whole ride!

 We love going up to the line shack where we can play in the dirt and get as messy as we want!

 Selena's new smile for a little bit, I just love those squinty eyes!

 Silly Girl, can't get enough of that cute face!

 Selena LOVES playing with the cousins!

 Just doing what we do best, shopping at Costco and eating all the yummy samples.  A girl after my own heart! :)