Thursday, April 30, 2009

sayonara school work!

So today was my last day of school. I am done until next September and feel so liberated! No more homework or tests to worry about. Although I am happy about the no school work part I am actually kind of sad school is done, being in the education program at UVU has been amazing. All of my professors are so smart and nice and funny, and all of the girls in my cohort were so great. In the education program they stick you in a "cohort" that you stay in through out the program so you have the same girls in all of your classes for the whole two years. I have learned so much from these girls-Since we have spent so much time together in class I really feel like a lot of these girls are close friends and I am for sure going to miss them this summer. The worst part is that some of them aren't even coming back next year....sad! We had a little BBQ this afternoon after class and it was so fun. I am so grateful I made the choice to finish my education. It definitely was not easy going back after taking off a year but it has been the greatest experience.

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Faith said...

I also loved being in a cohort. It really made my experience wonderful to be with all of those gals. Glad you are enjoying it so much and that you are done for the summer.