Sunday, May 3, 2009

the FUN never ends!

This past weekend was really busy for us, and so fun. A kid in our ward plays the drums for a band and was the opening act for a Lenka concert so we got to go to that. It was so fun to go and watch Michael play and I loved seeing Lenka. She was seriously the cutest thing ever.

Here is Lenka jamming out. I felt like she was so talented. She probably played at least four different instruments that night AND she let all the little girls in the audience come up on stage to dance and sing with her- I loved that.

Z had a game in Rexburg Saturday Morning so to avoid driving an hour back to Salem on Friday night just to get up Early Saturday morning and drive back towards Salt Lake we did what anyone would do. Had a sleepover at Z's office! It was one of the funnier things we have ever done, and it was kind of scary. We watched "The Office" with a projector while we fell asleep and I totally felt like it was a slumber party. Definitely worth the 2 hour drive it saved us!

Saturday while Z played football I got to spend the whole day with my best girls!( missed ya Nat!) We did a session at the Rexburg Temple, and it was amazing. That Temple is just so beautiful. All of our lives have taken these different paths I just felt like it was so neat for us all to the in the Temple together!
After the session we had lunch at my favorite sandwich shop Millhollow. That place is divine and their frozen yogurt is the best! We got the crazy idea to put extensions in my hair, Truman has so many hidden talents! We spent the rest of the day in B's bathroom putting in extensions, it felt just like old times. I am so grateful I had these amazing roommates- whenever we are together it is like no time has passed- Sistas for life!

On the way home we got to stop in Pocatello and visit Kya and her fiance Seth. It was so fun to catch up with her, it had been way too long! We had such a fun jam packed weekend when we got home we were exhausted! Now that it is officially Summer for me I feel like it is a never ending party- next weekends adventure- Vegas! I don't really love that place, but it seems like we always go there- I am looking forward to the sunshine!


Robinson said...

Please inform me of who this Lenka person is. Looks like alot of fun to be back in Rexburg. I hope all of your summer weekends are just as fun.

Jeff and Anna too! said...

You make me miss Rexburg so much... I can't wait to go and visit my sister!

B said...

guess what? I LOVE YOU! You are wonderful!