Sunday, March 18, 2007

Kari's 21st Birthday!

For my birthday from my family I was excited to have recieved alot of cake decorating supplies. I made a birthday cake for myself to try them out, and this was the finished product! I sure hope they get better!

Last night for my birthday Zachary took me to the Dodge National Finals Rodeo in Pocatello. Zachary was feeling pretty good about life wearing that cowboy hat around all night, I think that was the only reason he wanted to go. We had alot of fun though and got excited to take his parents horses for a ride sometime soon!


Tyler & Nicole said...

Hi Kari! I hope you had a happy birthday! I started a blog yesterday, so if you want to see it, the address is:

tHe PitCheR mEmoRiEs said...

hi kari! i finally got this blog thing figured out so i can keep in touch with everyone! congrats on your engagment! that's really excititng! maybe i will be down for the wedding! take care!