Monday, November 7, 2011

Selena and I had a little Mommy-Daughter date a few weeks ago to the Hogle Zoo. I guess everyday is kind of a Mommy-Daughter day, but I planned on going to the Zoo specifically for Selena, so to me it felt more special. I thought she would like the Zoo, and boy was I wrong, she LOVED it! I never would have guessed she would have got SO excited over the animals. It made me so happy to see her arms and legs go crazy every time she caught her eye on a new animal. Monkeys were a favorite for sure!

We went to the Zoo during fall break so it was crazy busy, but we had so much fun because some of our friends could come along!

The elephants were so fun to watch that day, they were super active. Selena's face is priceless. We had beautiful weather, great company, and a happy happy baby. Who could ask for more?

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Alicia Alee said...

Oh my goodness, your daughter is so adorable Kari!! and you look gorgeous, as always :) I hope you guys are doing great!!