Monday, April 19, 2010

WA Home = Good Times

We made a last minute trip home last weekend, and as always I had the time of my life. I love being home and all the wonderful things that go with it, like corner store Jo-Jo's. I live for those things every time I go home!
We spent lots of time outside having a photo shoot and jumping on the tramp, one of my favorite past times(the jumping, not the photo shooting.)
Watched this lil' man tear it up on the soccer field, and pass the sacrament for the first time (seriously one of my prouder moments!)

Finally got some face time with one of my best girls! We could chat for hours upon hours, but lately it always seems like she catches me at my sleepiest moments! Seeing her definitely made the trip worthwhile for me!

Got to hang out with these gooby lovebirds, like seriously, what are they doing in this photo?

Had a little late night marshmallow roasting. Unfortunately Kendall wasn't there because she was livin' it up at the Stake Dance! Oh yea! I was loving life getting her ready for the dance, takes me back to the good old days!

Our trips home are never long enough, but thankfully we are marathoners in the amount of times we are seeing my family this month! So the goodbye wasn't too sad. Except for the recent news that a certain friend is moving back home makes me so jealous, and maybe a little whiny on the way back to Utah....I have to be good though or Z won't let me go home as much!


shaunie said...

I love seeing all the trips you two and your family make! It's a little like catching up with everyone, especially because I don't make it to WA much these days!

Andrea Lee said...

I love that you are jelous. It makes me feel better about our move :) I have to remind myself that tri-cities is the best place, and where we've always wanted to be. we leave in 8 days. wow.

Whitney said...

Looks like fun!! There's nothing better than spending time at home with family.
P.S. Your family is super cute!!

Britt said...

i miss you already

Michael and Anita said...

Still craving those Merrill's Corner JoJos. :) Thanks for your comment. I'm POSITIVE you are a stellar teacher! I'm at high school, but really, I think they have the EXACT SAME issues as first graders. They whine. They cry. They overreact. So, yeah. Hats off to us both, eh? :) Yay for teaching! (And an even bigger YAY for the end of the school year!) :)