Monday, April 19, 2010

PUMP you up!

Last month we had our New Beginnings program for the Young Women's. It was such a cute program and of course the girls were amazing. Everything was fitness and exercise and how the physical correlates with the spiritual. I LOVE these girlies! They are always teaching me something new, and of course keeping me young and hip ;)

A big thank you to my Mom and Kendall for helping me put together the fruit kabobs. Sometimes after my Mom leaves I wonder how I even function without her around, she is the best!


Chris-baby and Jules-a-bug said...

Oh my! This is such a clever idea. I totally forwarded this link to my sister who also serves in the YW...she'll love it!

Michael and Anita said...

Kari, I'm totally jealous of YOU going home! :) Glad you got to--what a blast! Gotta love those Merrill's Corner JoJos! Ha! :) And New Beginnings looks awesome! I bet you are doing an awesome job with those girls! What a riot! :)