Monday, November 30, 2009

Livin' it up in Las Vegas

Holy cow, I stink at updating this blog! It seems like time never slows down at the Johnson home, but we are partying like crazy and loving every minute of it! Last month Z-man's brother offered up their home down in St. George and we just couldn't pass up the opportunity for a little weekend getaway. We had a great time chatting in the car, watching movies, lounging by the pool and Visiting B and Tru in Las Vegas!
Of course we were there on Halloween when all the funnies come out. I was a little hesitant about going on Halloween, but it actually wasn't too bad. We definitely got some good laughs and good pics with all the crazies! Don't even worry that MJ was there, just chilling all night by himself. B didn't hesitate to get a shot with him!
We always take a picture by the fountains, it's tradition now.

LOVED cruising the streets of the Vegas with Britt and Tru- nothing better!

And our Las Vegas experience would not be complete without Z convincing us to eat a $6.00 steak and crab dinner at Jerry's Nugget and Casino- classy place. Of course I threw up later that night- I think it was the Ranch dressing that did me in.
We loved every minute of the warm weather and spending time together. We also ate at the Bear Paw Cafe in St. George for the first time, which was way good. I am stopping in there more often for sure!


Britt said...

ohhh so cute! You got some great shots! I am liking this update thing you are doing!

Whitney said...

How fun!! Gotta love Vegas!!