Monday, November 30, 2009

It's always fun when Family comes!

I am completely lame and this is the only picture I have to prove that my family came to visit a few weeks ago. I am convinced a new camera would cure my problem of never taking pictures, but the Z-man is not so sure...I LOVE when my Family comes and am always SO sad to see them go. We had such a fun time and it made me want Christmas to come even faster! I can't wait to go home and play games, watch family home videos, and make fun of each other (mostly they all the just make fun of me...) and just party 24/7! Collin and Kendall have been working really hard in school. Zachary and I told them that if they got a 4.0 we would take them out to eat at any restaurant of their choosing or some other type of reward. Collin chose to eat at Tucanos while they were here which was delish as always! It was my Mom and Kendalls first experience and I think they loved it too. Kendall chose to get a manicure when I come home at Christmas- pictures of that to come. We spent our time relaxing, shopping, playing games, and of course eating. My family also got to come to my ward with me for the first time which I loved. Everyone loved meeting them and my Mom got to observe me in action with the Young Women- too funny!

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