Friday, September 11, 2009


Kristin and Dave loving their treat from the Mercantile. LOVE that place, who knew?

The first day I was there we all piled in the car and went for a little cruise. It was some great family time, and I love driving around seeing all the farm land.
Isn't that just about the most beautiful site you have ever seen? OK, maybe not ever, but I do love it. It is just so home to me.

My sibling always bring out the crazy in me! And that ice cream = the bomb!
Loved watching Collin and Kendall at the fair. They are such great little showmen! I just can't believe how OLD they are!

My Dad, always a weirdo! Just kidding....

At the Demolition Derby. I decided I should enter next year. The winner wins 1,000 bucks!
Kendall in action. She did so awesome showing! And check out that gorgeous hair!


Kirk said...

I love being around brings out everyones crazy side! Miss you guys. Tell Zac hello, good luck w/your last semester!

Robinson said...

ack! crazy bad picture of me with the ice cream! It was so much fun to be home at the same time. I only wish that summers were alot longer.

Meghan said...

looks like a fun trip! I always feel the same way about farm land being soooo pretty! Josh doesn't see it quite the same way as I do!! Oh well...

So I love the last picture.... there is my mom in the background taking pictures!! lol!