Friday, September 11, 2009

WA by the numbers


hours spent on the phone with z who couldn't come :(


hours spend watching home videos- pure comedy!


dollars spent on ONE sandwich at the fair


hours spent watching the kids show at the fair


samples tasted at the Country Mercantile


lessons on how to properly ride a motorcycle, administered by Collin


hours spent at the pool


cupcakes eaten at Nataley's reception. embarrassing I know.


times I went to the corner store for lunch- those jo jo's just can't be beat!


demolition derby attended

I couldn't have asked for a better way to end my summer! I miss my family SO much already, the trips are never long enough! The day after I got back it was off to School for me. I have really loved being back in school and can't believe it is my last semester! The end is near! It has been a little challenging adjusting back to my school schedule and I always feel like I am running around with my head cut off, but life is great. I watched Hannah Montana, the movie the other night. LOVED it by the way. Anyways I am a total cheeseball but I loved when Jake (i think that is his name) says, "life's a climb, but the view is great!" So so cheesey, but I love it. So life is crazy, but there is never a dull moment and we are just trying to enjoy every minute!

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Faith said...

Very creative post! Glad you had fun!

We love living at South Valley Esates. We are trying to get to know all our neighbors one by one. We dropped by your guys' place (even though we know you already ;-) and you missed out on some yummy lemon bars. It's OK though we'll make some more treats and drop by some other time.