Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Just another Sunday night with the Johnsons

My favorite part of Sundays is when 6:30 rolls around and we are out the door to go to Doug and J'nets house for some family fun! I am so blessed to be able to live so close to Zachary's family since I am so far away from mine. I love that my wonderful mother-in- law opens her home to us and always has a delicious dessert to serve. Last week was zucchini cake- Amazing!
This Sunday was Bella's birthday. The kids were all just looking so cute in their party hats!

Josie and Andrea are seriously so cute to watch play together. My favorite is to eavesdrop on their little conversations with each other- priceless!

Sunday afternoons just wouldn't be complete without a little friendly competition. My favorite is playing steal the bacon! Mostly the guys just like to play a little "Sunday pass."
I love the above picture because it looks like the football is Z's mustache!
The birthday girl with her FAVORITE uncle. Just kidding! no but really ;) Despite Bella's look she's giving, I think she really did enjoy her party!

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