Saturday, August 22, 2009

Wednesday night ride

It was just one adventure after another while Britt was here. It was so great having her here for the week, come back B! We went on a little horseback ride on Wednesday night and she was a natural cowgirl!
I don't know how I got so lucky with this cute cowboy of a husband, thank-you thank-you for taking us!

Britt on Lily(also referred to as baby by Britt) and I am on Little Bug. It was such a pretty ride and the temperature was perfect. To top it all off we saw a BEAR!! We are so lucky because I don't think it is hardly ever that people spot those up Payson Canyon. It was definitely exciting. That night we went home and made some amazing homemade salsa and watched Friday Night Lights. Everything is more fun when Brittani is here!


.:Anna:. said...

You are on a blogging spree! I love it! I wanna go ride horses in the mountains and see bears! Brit must be an inspiration.

Britt said...

Now you are the nicest best friend! I am feeling really good about being there already and then this nice blog! Ohh we have got to have some fun while you are here... what should we do? Boat ride? I bet you'd love that!