Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Oregon Coast

In August I got to go home and spend a little time with my family. We spent a little time at the Oregon Coast and then the rest of the time at home with a trip to Silverwood in there! We were definitely busy but it was SO good to be home! It is always so fun to spend time with the fam, I just wish I could live closer!
Keldon and Collin on our "small" 7 mile hike! None of us were expecting that!

This year we went to Fort Clatsop which we never have done before, it was definitely educational and interesting.
The kids found a little costume box and dressed up like Lewis and Clark and their Camp.

Kristin, Carmen and Kendall at Fort Clatsop

Here are some more pics from our hike, it was horrible we didn't bring any snacks or water, and the beach we were supposed to be hiking to never appeared! It is definitely an adventure we will remember!

Me, Kristin, and Kira
We had so much fun, I only wish Zachary could have been there! I can't wait for next year!

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