Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Camping Trip up Payson Canyon

A few weeks ago we went camping with one of Zachary's co-workers and his cute little family. Let me tell you the Nielsons know how to camp! Brooke made us a delicious chicken pot pie in the dutch oven for dinner and pancakes and eggs for breakfast. I'm usually a foil dinner, or hot dog kind of girl when it comes to camping, quick and easy, but it was nice to have a cooked meal while camping. I love camping and we were glad the Nielsons could come with us!
Maisie was so cute, she kept us entertained all night!

We borrowed this air mattress from Zachary's parents and had to blow it up by mouth! It took forever, but it was worth it when the night time came! I love camping, but I am always afraid a bear is going to eat me!

Greg, Brooke & Maisie

We were so glad we got to go camping and spend a little time in the great outdoors!


S.L.D said...

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Enriquez Family said...

Hey! looks like you have had a fun summer! As I was looking through your pictures I actaully recognized someone! Greg Neilson. small world.

Alea said...

Hey Kari, it's Alea! I hope you don't mind I sneak a peak at your blog every now and then. You look just as pretty as ever and you and your husband look so happy! I noticed you had my niece Maci on your blog...We love her! My daughter Avery just adores her. We used to live by them in WA and were sad when they moved to UT