Saturday, June 14, 2008

92 Years!!

We celebrated Grandpa Reed's birthday with all of the Hughes, and had such a great time! Grandpa Reed turned 92 this year! Probably the best part of the night is when 10 yr old Brigham said the prayer to bless the food, he was grateful that Grandpa Reed survived, and is still alive and let me tell you we are so grateful that Grandpa Reed is still here with us. What a great family he started, we can always count on good times with the Hughes'!
Zachary and Grandpa Reed

Baby Noah, love this little guy- he is SO sweet!

Getting ready to blow out the candles, of course he had a cowboy horse, it was so cute!


Kelsey said...

Kari I just have to say how photogenic you are! You are also so beautiful!

Trav & Camille said...

Wow...he does not look 92:) Looks like you two are having fun!

Annie and Jonny said...

He looks like such a sweet little grandpa! That is so cool that he has lived that long to enjoy his posterity

Jenny said...

Hi Kari! I found your blog on Martha's page. You guys are so cute! You look fabulous, and looks like you're loving married life! You guys should come see us on the East Coast!
Hope you're doing well!
~Jenny, Mike & Aaron Mathis :)