Sunday, March 23, 2008

Easter Eggs

On Friday night Luke and Ali came over to dye Easter eggs and play Ticket to Ride- Love that game! We had lots of fun and lots of laughs!
Of course me and Ali were loving life dyeing the Easter eggs

My husband is such a G

Luke, Ali, and Zachary

For sure Zachary was the most creative with the Easter Egg dyeing, he was coming up with crazy ideas all over the place!


Nat said...

Looks like fun times! Ticket to ride is a fun games. Sometimes I wish it were just Tyler and I and no kids so we actually could have friends over and play games! Luke's the greatest, don't know Ali, but she looks like fun too.

Olson Family said...

I am not an avid blogger could I resist commenting on Perms Bunny ears!! Also, gotta love the G picture, never thought Gooch could replace the infamous "W" (westside"!! for the casual, yet suttle Peace!! Brrratt, brrratt, powwww!!