Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Christmas Eve

Our Christmas Eve this year was just the same as it has always been. We got up early that morning to head to town and finish up our last minute Christmas shopping! It seems like no matter how much I think I have got done before that day there is always one last little thing I have to pick up. That afternoon we came home and had our annual Christmas Eve dinner of Crab and Prime Rib- Yum! It was so fun to have EVERYONE home and sit around the dinner table together, it happens so rarely these days. After dinner we opened our brother-sister gifts, and then watched "The Muppet Christmas Carol"! Love that show, and it is always a tradition in our family to watch that on Christmas Eve. Too bad everyone fell asleep this year during the movie, thanks guys for letting me sing all the songs SOLO! We always try to get to bed late so the kids will sleep in the next morning, surprisingly our little plan worked well this year!

Everyone around the table for the dinnner!


shaunie said...

Christmas Eve Traditions are the best!

Rosie said...

Kari! Your haircut is so cute, and congrats on your wedding! You look so happy, man time flies when you are having fun:)