Tuesday, November 20, 2007


I am in need of some serious help! I have been asked to bring some pies to the Johnson Thanksgiving dinner, preferably homemade. I am not a baker, and I have never once in my life made any sort of pie, except for the chocolate pudding sort of pie.......I need some ideas and recipes for a foolproof delicious pie to serve on Thanksgiving! Any ideas would be greatly appreciated-
Wishing a Happy Thanksgiving to You and Yours!


Kristin & David said...

Stick with what you know and take the chocolate cream....however if you'd like to explore your domestic goddess talents I think you should try to make a pecan pie! Good luck, call me if you need anything.
P.S. We're going to miss you and Zac, but I can't wait for Christmas.

Tyler & Nicole said...

how did the pies turn out?

Neil, Johanna, and Josie said...

I just got this post, and I wish I would have given you Oprah's pillsbury pie winning recipe from last year...it is amazing and sooooo easy! Look it up on Oprah (something to do with Oats and Honey granola bars). I'm sure, Doug/dad would love a nice little treat brought up from his thoughtful daughter-in-law.