Monday, October 22, 2007

BFF's are Grand

Amazingly enough I had not seen my Best friend since my wedding back in July! I don't know if we have ever been apart that long and let me tell ya, it's not easy! Last weekend her brother Vince was leaving to serve his mission (he is so so good and I am sure will touch many hearts while serving for the church), and she came down to Utah to see him off. Finally we were reunited at Cafe Rio. It was so great for me to spend some time with her. She is the best best friend a girl could ever have( if that makes sense?!)
(Best Friends Forever)

The whole gang there for Vince


Ben, Shaunie, and the girls said...

Where was he going? I can't remember, even though I was there when they announced it in church.

Zachary & Kari said...

He is going to be serving in Houston Texas, Viatnamese speaking!

Sugar... said...

Best friends are great, because although you don't see them as much once you are married, when you do see them it's like you hadn't even been apart!

Horseback riding in the mountains sounds amazing! My sis-in-law took us up to her ranch when I was 8 mos. pregnant, so I couldn't ride horses, but maybe someday she'll take us there again and we'll get to go up into the mountains.

Walker Family said...

Oh my heck!! I have missed you!! I am so glad you found my blog. Definitely not as cute as yours but I am learning. I am so glad to finally see a pic of your cute hubby! I am so glad you went off and found your happily ever after. I hope you are enjoying SLC... though if you ever come home to visit CALL ME! I will so pack up my little baby and come on over. Othello is totally crazy but ya know... it grows on you. Love you!

KrisandBrooke said...

Hi Kari... How are you? I saw your blog and had to say hi... It looks like you are having a great time being married. Anyways talk to ya soon..
Brooke (purkeypyle)

Kim & Devin said...

Yay Kari! I love when people lurk! Lurk away. And I'll lurk here. and I love Nat. (to make it applicable to your blog). And that's all.