Friday, June 1, 2007

Memorial Day Weekend with the Fam!

This past weekend we went to Utah and met up with all of my family. Kristin flew in from California, and all of my family drove up from Washington, it was so fun for everyone to be together again ( We missed ya David!) We spent the weekend attempting to accomplish some wedding things, but mainly were able to just hang out with each other. On Sunday we had a BBQ over at Zachary's brothers house, so a few of our family members got to meet which was really fun! I meant to get some pictures of that, but I forgot...hopefully next time I will remember! I love when all of the family can be together, and just laugh so hard you can't breathe. There was one night when we were all sitting in the Hotel room talking about old memories, everyone was laughing uncontrollably, Zachary thought we were out of control. I am sure there are a few things my family does that makes Zachary think we are out of control. For example, while we were in Utah we went to go and pick out Zachary's wedding band, and of course the whole family comes along. We got it at this little Jewelry shop, and so as Zachary and I walk in we are followed by my 6 family members, you could just see the jewelers face say "oh gosh, here we go..." As we are picking out the wedding ring EVERYONE in my family wants to input what their favorite ring is and why we should get was pretty hilarious, I think it was the Jewelers first experience in having a WHOLE family come in just to pick out the grooms wedding band! It was so fun to play with my family, hopefully it is not too long until we can go to Washington and visit!
The highlight of our weekend was getting to see Sister Bleazard at Temple Square!! It was so fun to see her and talk to her and glimpse into a day of her life as a missionary!
Admiring the Salt Lake Temple

All of the Girls
(Kristin, Kari, Carmen, Kendall)
What a relief it was to finally find the perfect dress!! Picking out the Wedding Dress was definitely a family affair, I am sure the workers all thought we were crazy!
The non-shoppers attempt at entertaining themselves. I think we spent way more time at malls than any of them care to think about! At least they got some fun pics while they were waiting around.


Ben, Shaunie, and the girls said...

I was talking to your mom earlier this week about your trip, and it sounded like you guys had lots of fun. Better than stressed out over wedding stuff!

Trav & Camille said...

I'm glad you finally found a dress!

Sugar said...

Fun! Looks like you had a week-long party! I do want an invitation to your wedding of course, but I don't want to post my home address over the blog world (just a little too cautious I guess!), so give me your email address and I can get that to you!

Tyler & Nicole said...

Looks like fun! At least the most stressful wedding item is found (the dress)! Good luck with the last of the preparations!

tHe PitCheR mEmoRiEs said...

How fun! I couldn't stop laughing when I was reading about the wedding band....HILARIOUS and so true!! I can't wait to see your dress!

Jo said...

Cute pictures Kari! It was fun meeting your family, they seem like a lot of fun. I can tell your dad is quite the character. I think that's good for a house full of girls (and a 1 boy), he'll keep you'all on your toes. Can't wait to see you guys again...hopefully when mom and dad get home here in a couple of weeks, and then it will be your wedding!