Tuesday, August 13, 2013


 Zachary took me on a little getaway for an early Valentines Day!  It was so nice to get away and relax.  Of course we had to hit up a seafood buffet, Zachary loves those things!  We also went to a mentalist show, it was so fun!
 My sweet Valentine, love this man!
 We made it home to celebrate Valentines with our little sweetie! Heart shaped pancakes and strawberries for breakfast!
 We had a fun night in just watching a movie in bed with pizza and popcorn!
 Selena is such a little copycat I have to watch everything I do!  She likes to hang her wallet over her stroller, just like her Mama!
 This is the first time I remember Selena really getting into trouble making a mess!  Zachary found her putting "make-up" on with the markers, silly girl!  She looks so sad in this pic!
 I had a fun little weekend with the girls in Las Vegas!  We had so much fun shopping, dancing, eating, hitting the spa, and just being girls!  Who knows how I handled that weekend being a huge 9 month pregnant lady, but I needed it! It was good for the soul!  After that trip I felt totally prepared for Baby Nixon to make his arrival!
 Selena on her new trike!
 Just some quality Family Time :)
 I feel like we couldn't cram anything else into February.  I think we felt like our life was ending now that we were going to have two kids!  We just wanted to do everything fun that we could, we were so silly!  We spent a fin weekend in St. George with family.  Selena LOVES playing with cousins!  Despite the fact that we ALL got the flu we still had a blast!

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