Tuesday, January 8, 2013

 Christmas has come and gone, and so here are some photos from this past fall and winter finally!  I can't believe how fast time is flying, our baby boy is going to be here before we know it!
 Selena has some seriously awesome bed head in the morning now that it is getting longer.  I love lazy mornings when we can just snuggle in bed and watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse together.  I am trying to treasure every moment I have alone with her since big changes will be coming soon!

We LOVE Payson Canyon in the fall.  It is just so gorgeous.  We took a Sunday drive up to the Lake one afternoon and Selena loved exploring!

 Selena loved playing dress up with her old Halloween costume, but flat out refused to get into her new costume....I couldn't quite figure it out.  She was a little unsure about the whole Halloween thing at first, but once she started trick-or-treating she was loving life!  The girl loves candy!

We loved doing all the fun fall activities this year like cheering on the BYU Cougars and visiting the pumpkin patch!

 One of the big highlights was getting our Costco in Spanish Fork.  Selena and I love to go there and just look around to pass time when Zachary it out of town!

 Selena has been asking to help me cook a lot lately, and she loves it.  She especially loves using the Bosch to make cookies and do a little tasting after we are done!
 We were lucky and had an especially warm fall, so we were able to spend lots of days at the park.  Selena got pretty brave and could climb all the way up and go down the big slides by herself!  It was so fun to watch her play with other kids, she is growing into a little girl so fast!
 We finally got some snow, and Selena just thinks it is so awesome to eat it.  I have to be careful when I come into the house if I have snow on my shoes, because she will scavenger it up off the floor and eat it!  
 Our little beanie baby, she loves to wear her hat!
 We got her all bundled up to go out and "play" in the snow.  She was having the time of her life, mainly because she had an endless supply of snow right there to eat away!
 We had a little family outing to the aquarium, Selena liked the penguins the most
 I just noticed this picture has something funky going on, but I love it.  Selena has been bringing my camera to me, so I can take pictures of her and show them to her.  Every once in a while she will try to do funny faces, and she will give a face like this picture, she is so silly!
 Zachary has been working in Las Vegas now for quite a while, so it is just the two of us a couple days a week.  We usually end up eating Mac & Cheese in our PJ's, and I have to say I kind of enjoy the lazy night each week!
 A girl through and through, she is always trying to get into my jewelry drawer!
 We went to the free zoo day in December, it was a little bit chilly, but not bad at all.  Selena was so interested in all of the animals, but I think the monkeys were her favorite.  She was cracking me up because she would see other kids take photos on these sculptures or in front of signs and she would want me to take a picture of her doing all those things too!
 On the Carousel at the Zoo
 Watching Dad play a little basketball.  I have been surprised at how well she just sits and watches the games, she loves to cheer for her Dad!
 We got some of these antlers for a Christmas Party we went too, and there were a couple times Selena insisted on wearing them out and about.  I wanted to refuse, but just couldn't, she looked so dang cute!
 We love going to the movies.  I think Selena just likes all the popcorn!
 It seems like everything in our life revolves around our little Selena girl and we wouldn't have it any other way, but in December Zachary and I were able to get away on a little weekend trip just the two of us!  We missed our little girl, but it was so nice to have a little break.  We went to a Raiders/Broncos game, explored the City with Kristin and Dave, and just did a lot of relaxing.  It was heavenly.  
Selena on another one of her silly photo shoots.  

Christmas post coming soon!

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