Monday, May 28, 2012


We loved when it started warming up and we could spend more time outside!! Selena loves going to the park I think more than anything.  She could swing for days if I would let her!

Much to my Mom's dismay, Selena loves to play the drums at home.  We are hoping she is a budding Justin Beiber :)

We went home at the end of March because my Grandpa passed away.  It was so hard to say goodbye to such an amazing man, but it was so awesome to see all of his posterity come together and celebrate and remember him for the great man that he was.  It still seems a bit surreal that he is gone, but I am so grateful we have so many great memories with him!  

One happy thing about coming home for the funeral was being able to see all of our family.  Amazingly enough, every single one of the Gibbons grandkids were able to make it to the funeral.  We had a lot of fun remembering fun memories of Grandpa and catching up on each others lives.  The picture above is Selena and her 2nd cousin from Virgina, they had lots of fun together!

Smiley Girl!

Most of the family went to DQ for a little ice cream after the viewing, we kind of took over the place!

Selena loves spending time with Mimzy and Papa!

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