Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Happy Happy Birthday Selena

Our little punky girl celebrated her first birthday on the 27th and it was so exciting!! She has brought so much happiness and fullness into our lives, it is hard to remember life before her! She is learning and growing so much. She walks everywhere and gets into everything. Her favorite spots to be are splashing in the toilet and digging through the garbage! We have to keep a watchful eye on her. She says Dada, but no Mama. She can shake her head no, and points to things that she wants. She has recently become more of a Mama's girl, which of course I love! She is a little social butterfly though, waving and smiling at everyone we pass in the grocery store. Her hair is long enough now that I can pull it into little piggies that are so darling. I feel like her 1st birthday is such a bitter-sweet day. My baby is growing up....but my baby is growing up!!! She is so smart and makes me laugh every day. I have so much love for her and am so grateful to be her Mom!

Her Birthday just happened to fall on the first day we were at Disneyland and we loved that the whole family was there to celebrate! We had a little breakfast party for her and she was showered with love!

Zachary got her this darling little BYU jersey, you got to start training them young! It was such a special and memorable day. I just hope her 2nd year goes by a lot slower than her 1st year!


Nataley said...

Selena is darling. What a sweet girl. Can't believe she is one! Love the updates!

RP3 said...

Wives Tale Alert: supposedly if they say Dada first, your next babe will be a boy...Mama first would mean a girl. I wanted to go 'on the record' with this. :)
Selena really is such a cutie. Glad #1 was memorable. Not such a hard thing to do in the happiest place on earth! Here's to a fabulous 2nd year.
Thanks for the update.
~Aunt Michelle
(Nataley's aunt)

Whitney said...

Happy Birthday Selena! She is so Cute!

Britt said...

Selena is so adorable, I love her TOUCHDOWN pose in the BYU jersey. She is the Rodriguez star and how lucky am I to know her mama!

I love how you wrote she has become a mamas girl and of course I love that. HAHAHA I swear I could hear your voice, I will have to come celebrate her birthday soon, in fact maybe nanny B will make her some crepes ;) LOVE YA