Saturday, April 16, 2011

Birthday Trip

We took this little darling to visit WA for the first time over my Birthday last month- the perfect Birthday present! We had so much fun showing her off to everyone!

We went out for my Birthday to Bob's Burgers- they have bomb onion rings! I was so glad we could make it to WA and Selena could meet her Great-Grandparents and all of our friends. She was so so good on the drive, I swear she spoils us.


Marlene said...

It was fun seeing you guys and meeting sweet, baby Selena. She's a little cutie!! I'm sure that smile is melting your mom's heart and makes her wish you lived closer!!
Thanks for the tip on the onion rings - we'll have to give it a try soon...xo

Colby said...

I have never even heard of Bob's Burgers... must be new? Love that picture of smiley Selena- what a doll!