Saturday, January 8, 2011

Christmas Vacation

We LOVE being at home in Washington with everyone, the time always goes by way too fast.

Christmas Eve sibling gifts. We waste no time testing out our new digs!

I had fun catching up with my favorite girls, we don't get to see each other enough! ( Don't mind my 37 week prego belly, it just keeps growing!)

I love spending time with Mom and the girls at home! Shopping, cooking, sewing, and playing Kinect were a few of the favorite activities.

These two kill me. Zachary forgot shorts and t shirts so he walked around being twinners with my Dad all week long. Zachary's vacation was filled with football, sleeping, eating, football, sleeping, eating, and a little movie watching thrown in. He took his vacation very seriously! I guess he thought he better rest up before this baby comes!

New Years Eve at P.F. Changs with the whole family. Z is pretty good with the chopsticks!

Dad, Mom, and Kendall

Collin, Carmen, and Allen. For unknown reasons I have no picture of Kristin and Dave, but they were there to ring in the New Year as well! It was kind of a crazy night, but we all had fun and stayed up way too late!
I can't believe how fast 2010 came and went! 2011 is going to be one crazy year, we are in for some big changes! We wanted to make a new years resolution that we thought we could actually stick to and so.....wearing our retainers EVERY night is what we decided on! I know, we really went crazy with that one. We haven't missed a night yet though, and that feels good!
Only 14 more days until our new little one is due to arrive, and I am very excited but getting very nervous! We just can't believe how soon she will be here. We are so excited for this new stage of our lives and can't wait to hold her in our arms!


Seth and Kylee said...

Sharky I can't wait to see Baby Girl Johnson!! I'm glad to hear you did not go into labor on your trip!

The Blakes said...

aww... I wish I could hang out with the fam. too! looks like fun! BTW looking good at 37 weeks. I'm at 35 (but I say any day now, please)

Michael and Anita said...

Kari, you look so cute! Love it! :) I am super excited for you! PF Changs sounds like a great New Years Eve idea, too. I forgot Tritown had one of those now. Good thinkin'! :)

nataley said...

ahh love the update! so good to see you at Christmas- hurry and have that baby so we can make a trip to Utah to see you guys!!

Luke and Ali Stewart said...

You pull off the pregnant thing so well!!! I can't wait to see what this little one is going to look like.

Annie and Jonny said...

You look so cute with your prego belly. I seem to be in Idaho every time you come this way. Next time you HAVE to let me know you are in town. I will die if I miss seeing that cute baby! By the way... I have been checking your blog constantly, just waiting for you to post about your new baby. Once you have your baby, then I am that much closer to having mine!! So hurry up and pop that baby out!

Britt said...

OHH Kari! Fun to see your cute belly on the blog. I must say it was LOVELY catching up with you. I sure do miss you!

Jake, Bergan and Brinley Hobbs said...

Sure glad to see that you are doing well! You look beautiful as always. So happy for you to be a Mom. It's the best! XOXO