Tuesday, December 8, 2009

College Snow Day!

We have been having a blizzard snow storm for the past 24 hours, and it just keeps coming! There was so much snow and the roads were so bad I called my professor to see if it was OK to not come to school today- and he said it was!! I was so happy I got to stay home and shovel my driveway, which I love, and clean the house! All the snow is so pretty and makes me happy, especially my Christmas wreath on my front door dusted with fresh snow!
I had just got done shoveling the driveway and it was already completely covered again!


Faith said...

You have such a cute door.

If I had known I would have invited you over. We could have watched a girlie movie or something. I was snowed in and doing the same things you were!

Britt said...

LUCKY for you! I am just happy that you got to stay in! I really like your door too! Good for you finding a cute wreath! Spend your day wisely! ;)

Clair and Tracy said...

Cute Cute Wreath!!! Wish we could get some of your snow...we just have COLD.

Whitney said...

Thats lucky!! I love snow days!! Oh and your wreath,adorable.