Thursday, September 17, 2009

Labor Day Fun

During the summer we have spent a few weekends up at Doug and J'nets cabin property helping them build their line shack. Well Zachary helps them build and I just visit and make lunch! We spent the night there the Sunday before Labor Day and then spent the day up there working. J'net the grandkids and I installed the insulation while the Men worked on the roof. It looks so good! I can finally see it coming together. Tomorrow they will be going up to put on the siding and I can't wait to see what it looks like then.

This is the line shack before the roof...

And after the roof is on. We are currently trying to come up with a new name for it...
I think it is just the cutest little general store building ever.

The cabin property is up Skyline Mtn. Resort, and they have a golf course. Monday morning Zachary took me down to the driving range to hit some balls. I am not very good, but I think I am improving ;)

Perfect swing! Zachary is REALLY good!

Also our last trip up to the cabin property was especially cool because we saw a Bobcat and it's two little kittens(?) and also an Elk! That picture is of the Mama Bobcat, it is not a very good one but we had to prove we actually saw one!


Britt said...

You two see more wild life then anyone I know! What a fun peak at the general store! I like the pictures! FUN!

Hunter Family said...

Your general store looks great I am excited to go stayin it sometime with you guys. Ok I finally believe you now that you saw a bobcat, no just kidding I did before. I am excited for our double date tomorrow, should be fun!