Tuesday, August 18, 2009


A few weeks ago Zachary and I had the opportunity to run in our first 5K. We, no let me rephrase that, I, have always wanted to run in one and this little extra push was just what I needed. The Mark the Great Benefit 5K was for a family in our ward who recently lost their husband and father. It was so so so awesome to be a part of something so great. I almost cried when we got there because there were 100's and 100's of people there to support this family. What a great community we live in. I hope I can LIVE GREAT, just like Mark Richardson did.

Don't even worry that Zachary beat me, I was so mad!!! We had been running the week before, and everyday I was totally smoking Zachary. Well the little sneaky dog ran with me the whole way and then sprinted it out the last 100 yards of the race. I most definitely am not as fast as Zachary so there was no way I was catching up with him. I know his sneaky moves now though, next time I will be #1...oh yea Zachary, that's a challenge!


Olson Family said...

That race was a lot of fun, and I am with you, I got teary eyed when I walked up to the park and saw all of the people there.

P and M said...

hahahah Z man is a sneak! I love it!- love brit