Wednesday, July 22, 2009

4th of July

This post is so so late but it just seems that we have been crazy busy and I never have time or want to update this blog. Zachary and I have been going non-stop, filling up on all the fun summer has to offer! We are always wishing for the days when we were kids and had no responsibilities and could just PLAY all summer! My life is so full and I am constantly thinking, "does it get better than this?" We definitely have our share of bad days and bad moods but I am really trying to focus on all the good things in our life, and there are so many! We got to go to Washington for the fourth. It was a total last minute trip and I am so grateful for a husband who indulges me in all my shenanigans. We had so much fun at home! It was great to lay out by the pool and just spend time with my family. We got back from Washington late Sunday night and the next day it was off to Girls Camp for me. I LOVE girls camp. It was a totally different experience going as a leader rather than one of the girls, but it was so great to be up there with the Young Women. I am loving working with the Young Women in our ward, most of the time I just feel like I am still a Laurel in Young Womens, it is awesome!

On the third we continued our tradition of having a fireworks show in our backyard. I think those fireworks just get better every year thanks to our chief pyrotech, Carmen.

Collin getting ready to pass out the sparklers- I love those things, they just make me happy.

Carm and Melissa at the fireworks down at the River. I love going home and having everything the way I have always remembered it on Holidays. We always go to the CBW Fourth of July breakfast, we always swim, we always get together with family and friends for a BBQ, and we always head down to the river to watch the fireworks. I guess it makes me feel like a kid again for a little while!

Me and the Z-man at the fireworks. When I got back from WA I went over to my sister-in-laws house and when I walked in she said, "hello indian!" I guess I got pretty dark laying out by the pool! Can't wait to go home in August!


nataley said...

Ok, no one ever told about Carmen's firework skills- I gotta see that in action!! Love the updates! And love that swimsuit!

shaunie said...

Summers are so busy, and you're making lots of memories! Happy Anniversary by the way.

I don't have your email address, so shoot me an email at so I can give you directions to my place for Sunday, and you can bring any dessert you want!

Michael and Anita said...

What a blast! Hooray for summer! I bet the YW in your ward and stake LOVE having you as a leader! :)